Jumat, 04 April 2008

ASEAN Woman Bazaar

Today Sindang Reret Wijaya has one of the participants of ASEAN Woman Bazzar Indonesia. We sell many kind of food specially Sundanese Food like Ayam Bakar Madu, Aneka nasi tutug, Aneka nasi Bakar, Aneka pepes, Aneka rempeyek, Kacang Ndul, Ikan asin pakang, ikan balita and for the ice we sell the famous Cincau Hijau, Cendol Bandung, Rujak Serut and Ice Goyobot.

Our stand layout using traditional West Java. The visitors comment "they enjoy the food very much........." so no wonder at 2.00 our stand has not any food to sell anymore..

This event has one day left to visit..... and if you can't visit this event you can try come to taste the food at


JL. Wijaya I, No. 43 - Jakarta Selatan

Reservation : 021-722 44 33